All our services

like the use of materials and techniques of last generation, all with the main objective of getting the health of you and your family.


That is, all the dental and stomatological actions that are aimed at preventing pathologies in dental, periodontal and soft tissue structures. Our first reviews (Dental Checks) are performed by dental doctors and stomatologists where we diagnose not only dental alterations, but also any oral alterations (tongue, gums, palate, oral mucosa).

So in an instant you have done an oral checkup consisting of:

  • Digital orthopantomography.
  • Periapical radio visiographs.
  • Comprehensive intraoral examination.
  • Dental sealing (in children)
  • Complete oral cleaning.

At this center we still believe in the conservation of your dental pieces. The premise "as a tooth of oneself, nothing" continues to have the maximum validity with us. We perform all the necessary techniques to keep your pieces.

The current philosophy of "remove and put" is not always the best option. We look for you, we make fillings (the silver amalgam in our facilities is totally discarded), root canal treatments, reconstructions for the conservation and beautification of your dental pieces and mouth.

Alejandro Sorribes

Seventy-five percent of the population over 35 years of age present pathological conditions in the periodontium (the system of attachment of the tooth to the bone). In our center we perform all the appropriate procedures for the treatment of periodontal diseases: periodontal scaling, root straightening, periodontal and mucogingival surgeries.


The rehabilitation of teeth with fixed and removable prostheses is done in collaboration with prosthetic experts. Porcelain and zirconium crowns of the latest generation, without the need to use metallic bases, make aesthetics their main objective. With the use of porcelain veneers, we improve the smiles to achieve the greatest aesthetic desires.

Manuel C. Sorribes

The implantological techniques have been carried out in MEDIMAR ODONTOLÓGICA since 1989, pioneers in the use of dental implants in the province. The exact indications of dental implants and their correct use are undoubtedly the core of our dental rehabilitations.
In situations of insufficient bone we put into action methods of bone regeneration. Bone grafts, artificial bone, platelet-rich plasma (PRP), membranes to obtain a sufficient and stable bone base.


In collaboration with the best maxillofacial surgeons in the province, we perform all the procedures that are required within this specialty. Extraction of third molars ("wisdom teeth") included, sinus lift surgery, apicectomies, removal of cysts, biopsies ...


We do not just create smiles, we create health so that you can laugh.

We are the result of 30 years of work, study, honesty and dedication by different professionals in the field of odontostomatology.

Our three centers located in ALICANTE, ALTEA Y CATRAL have all the tecnological requirements so that your treatment is of the highest quality.

In addition we are very proud of the professionalism, the preparation and the experience of our human team, our primordial value in this profession and that makes us exclusive when it comes to achieving our goal, the ORAL HEALTH of you and your family.

CRANEOMANDIBULAR DYSFUNCTION (Temporomandibular Articulation)

The "benign" pathologies of the temporomandibular articulation (which allows the mouth to open and close), are becoming more frequent. Bruxism, dental tighteners, dental wear, muscle pain, joint pain, limiting the oral opening, are up to date and treatments for orofacial pains as well. Muscle and joint relaxation splints are used after a complete study, both radiologically, with magnetic resonance (if its necessary) and exploratory.


With these techniques of our anesthetist in constant study and evolution we are able to deal with all kinds of challenges. Patients with phobias, extreme fear of the dentist, young children whose collaboration is scarce, psychic or physical disabled patients can now be benefited from dental treatments performed under conscious sedation or under general anesthesia.

Jaime Masot Perez

Our teams of oral hygienists use the most modern procedures to make oral cleaning as pleasant as possible. Its effectiveness and methodology are insurmountable.


Keeping the teeth should be the target. By means of devitalization (elimination of the dental nerve) this is achieved and thus obtain optimum oral health. Our endodontic unit uses state-of-the-art procedures and instruments.

José Fco. Martínz
Etna Verdú

In our orthodontic unit we work with two important principles; A good experience based on knowledge and experience and always at the forefront of the most innovative treatments and with more guarantee of success:

  • Child Orthopedics
  • Fixed multibracket device
  • Orthodontic preparation for orthognathic surgery
  • Invisible orthodontics.
  • Lingual orthodontics.

The care of our infantile patients begins from the pregnancy. It is in this period when the woman experiences different physiological and behavioral changes that can affect the oral cavity. These changes lead to an increased risk of caries and periodontal disease that must be properly controlled and treated. In addition, we begin with our health education, teaching the measures of oral and preventive hygiene that you should follow with your baby.

With anesthetists in our team, we have anesthetic techniques such as conscious sedation or general anesthesia. With the help of these anesthetic techniques we are able to offer quality dental treatments to patients with special needs such as: young children whose collaboration is scarce or special patients.

Luis Morcillo