Dental Prosthesis

We improve the smiles to achieve the best aesthetic desire of our patients.

Maxillofacial and oral surgery

We perform all the techniques that are needed at this department.

Hygiene and dental prophylaxis

The latest improvements for the most pleasant results.

Orthodontics and orthopedics

Good technic, long experience and moreover we know the updatest treatments.



We do not just create smiles, we create health so that you can laugh.

We are the result of 30 years of work, study, honesty and dedication by different professionals in the field of odontostomatology.

Our three centers located in ALICANTE, ALTEA Y CATRAL have all the tecnological requirements so that your treatment is of the highest quality.

In addition we are very proud of the professionalism, the preparation and the experience of our human team, our primordial value in this profession and that makes us exclusive when it comes to achieving our goal, the ORAL HEALTH of you and your family.

We want to give you the best!

From Medimar Odontológica we want to offer you the best, so here you can see some of our different services.


Our endodontic unit uses techniques and instruments of the latest generation.

Implantology and regenerative techniques

In situations of insufficient bone we put into practice techniques of bone regeneration.


In our center we perform all the appropriate techniques for the treatment of periodontal pathologies

Conservative and aesthetic dentistry

We perform fillings, root canal treatments, reconstructions and we improve the appearance of your dental pieces and mouth.

We are at your disposal to Work out any questions!